The Women’s Political Committee is organized for the purpose of supporting progressive women candidates, primarily in California, who are seeking elected office at all levels of government.

The State Committee was formed in 1977 as a California State Political Action Committee (PAC) with only 12 members and has grown to nearly 100 members.

The Federal PAC was formed in 1984 so that women candidates for federal office could also be supported. The two PACs are funded entirely by membership dues. Women candidates are interviewed and decisions to financially support them are made by consensus at monthly meetings.  All candidates must be interviewed in person.

Over the past thirty years, the WPC has contributed over 2 million dollars to women candidates around the country seeking elected office.

The WPC is composed of women members and supports women only. The candidates must support the National Feminist Agenda, that includes choice, pay equality and civil rights.

The WPC has supported select issue campaigns that are critical to the goals of the National Feminist Agenda and the empowerment of women.

Co-chair, Karen Weinstein
Co-chair, Meryl Marshall-Daniels