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US House (OH-13)

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Current State – Going Into 2024

While our country achieved a long-overdue “first” with the election of Vice President Kamala Harris in 2020, there is still much progress to be made. Women’s Reproductive Rights continue to be dismantled as is our sacred Democracy.  2024 is a must-win year to ensure pro-choice Women take the lead in protecting and restoring our Republic and ensuring that Women maintain their basic human rights. We must elect more pro-choice Women going forward.


In the 118th Congress there are more Women than ever before. Women now make up 28% of the Senate and 29% of the House of Representatives – the highest percentages in U.S. history – though a far cry from what it should be as 51% of the U.S. population are Women! In 2024, we will once again have the chance to significantly increase our representation with what is expected to be a record number of pro-choice Women running for office.

29% House
28% Senate


Women now occupy 50 of 120 seats (42%) in the California legislature. While this is a significant increase from 27% of seats held by Women prior to the last election cycle, it’s simply not enough as 51% of likely California voters are Women. And as progressive as California is, there are 10 other states with a higher percentage of Women in their legislatures. 2024 gives us yet another opportunity to increase pro-choice Women’s representation in California state and local government.

45% Senate
40% Assembly


Women now hold 12 Governor seats, a net increase of three seats from the prior election cycle. This is a record number, but not nearly enough. It is imperative for pro-choice Women to occupy more Governor seats as they wield significant power over issues such as abortion and gerrymandering. The same goes for State legislatures.

We believe in the power of the purse. Men have historically donated to political candidates in greater numbers and in higher amounts than women. While we are over half the population we account for less than a third of all candidate donations. In order to increase our representation, we need to do a better job funding women candidates.

The Women’s Political Committee is the oldest Political Action Committee in the United States formed solely to endorse and fund pro-choice women seeking elected office.

The WPC collectively, and all of our members individually, are passionately committed to using our voices and resources to elect women candidates at all levels of government who support reproductive rights, pay equity, and human and civil rights.

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