Sherine Smith

Office Seeking:  Orange County Board of Education District 5

General Election:  June 7th, 2022

Provided Biography

Sherine Smith is a recognized leader in education with the passion and track record to ensure that the Orange County Board of Education puts kids first.  She has a history of being student-centered, welcoming to parents, and fiscally responsible.  The needs of local school districts and schools are her number one priority.

With a doctorate in educational leadership, Sherine served as the Superintendent of the Laguna Beach Unified School District from 2010 to 2016.  During her tenure, the Laguna Beach elementary schools were selected as 2016 Gold Ribbon Schools and the district received recognition by the State Superintendent as one of three leading digital districts in California.

She led the district to receive the highest Moody’s Credit rating to reflect exceptionally healthy financial position, low debt burden, and strong management.  And she enhanced safety by initiating a collaboration with the Laguna Beach Fire and Police Departments.

Sherine is running in deep contrast to the current Board majority who seems determined to undermine public schools by deliberately misleading the public and creating controversy.  In the past two years they have, worked in opposition to Sate and Public Health approved recommendations and guidelines for schools during the Covid crisis, led a re-districting process with little transparency or public input resulting in a map that was rejected by the County Committee on School District Organization, and have racked up millions of dollars in frivolous lawsuits that do nothing to promote education and everything to promote their self-interests.

Sherine will fight for a world class education for every child in Orange County, cut waste and keep tax dollars in our classrooms, and stand up to career politicians who use schools and tax dollars to advance their agendas.

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