Suzie Price

Office Seeking:  Mayor of Long Beach

Primary:  June 7th, 2022

General Election: November 8th, 2022

Provided Biography

Driven by a devotion to justice and community service, Councilwoman Suzie A. Price has paired her experience as a mom, small business owner, and Deputy District Attorney with years of hard work on the Long Beach City Council bringing about common sense solutions and positive change throughout the Third District and the city of Long Beach. Having immigrated to Southern California as a young girl, Councilwoman Price knows what can happen when government stops listening and is running for Mayor to bring city hall back to basics.

As Councilwoman, Suzie Price has developed a reputation for cutting through the noise, big speeches, and empty promises to deliver an agenda that works for everyone by emphasizing the following:

Public Safety — As Chair of the Public Safety Committee, Councilwoman Price has consistently advocated for fully funding our first responders, faster response times, and curbing residential burglaries.

Homelessness — On the City Council, Suzie has led policy initiatives across multiple departments to coordinate on homelessness strategies that actually work, by establishing unarmed crisis response teams for non-violent emergencies and connecting people experiencing homelessness to much needed services.

Economic Development —As a small business owner, Suzie will work with our business community to incentivize vibrant shopping and retail corridors and housing people can actually afford.

Infrastructure — As Chair of the Port, Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, Suzie fought for infrastructure investments citywide. In Council District 3, she has helped make 120 miles of repaved streets, 140,000 pothole repairs, and 44 new crosswalks a reality.

As the first democrat to be elected to the 3rd Council District in 42 years, Councilwoman Price represents one of the top performing council districts in regards to voter turnout across the entire city. In a district where democrats comprise only 48%of the voting population, Councilwoman Price has been able to consistently draw crossover appeal by working across the aisle to achieve results in city hall. As a result, Suzie won both of her council elections outright with 55% in her first election and a staggering 78% of the overall vote for her re-elect. With turnout projected to be at or near 30% in 2022, only a candidate with proven crossover appeal can speak to the democratic base and the39% of non-democrats expected to participate in the June primary election.

Councilwoman Price is a graduate of Cal State Long Beach and resides in Alamitos Heights with her husband Mark (a military veteran) and their two sons who attend local schools, where Suzie has been an active member of the Parent Teacher Association.

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