Current State – Going Into 2021

2021 is a must year to ensure Women take the lead in restoring our democracy. 2018 was a record-setting year for Women but we must elect more women going forward.

More women than ever are once again running across the country.  Women also lead all 3 of the Democratic Campaign Committees for House, Senate, Gubernatorial and State legislative seats.


Women make up 24% of Congress with 24 Women Senators and 141 Congresswomen now serving in the 117th Congress, although 51% of the US population are Women!   We have made great strides but we have a long way to go to reach parity. 2021 is our chance to significantly increase our numbers with a record number of women running for office.

23.7% House
24% Senate


California Women  now represent nearly 32% of our state legislature but that is not good enough given 51% of likely voters in California are Women!  We rank 18th in the country in this category.  2021 gives us yet another opportunity to increase women’s representation in state and local government.

28.7% Senate
35% Assembly


Women hold 9 Governor seats which must change.  It is imperative for Women to occupy more Governor seats as they wield significant power over issues such as abortion and gerrymandering.  The same goes for State legislatures.

We believe in the power of the purse. Men have historically donated to political candidates in greater numbers and in higher amounts than women. While we are over half the population we account for less than a third of all candidate donations. In order to increase our representation, we need to do a better job funding women candidates.